April 2017

April 2017: Volume XXVII, No. 3

1In Control: A look at the APRE protocol of strength training.

2Stretching Resources: Bringing sports medicine to inner-city schools.

3Cover All Bases: Nutritional case studies for gaining, maintaining, and losing weight.

4Support System: New method for ACL rehab combines unweighting technology and jump training.

5Full Steam Ahead: Strength and conditioning for Georgia Tech football.

March 2017

March 2017: Volume XXVII, No. 2

1Path to Addiction: What athletic trainers need to know about athletes and opioid abuse.

2Stick With It: Offseason strength and conditioning for University of North Carolina men's lacrosse.

3Driving Force: Incorporating the "three pillars of power" concept into power training.

4New Point of View: Athlete-specific treatment for eating disorders.

5Before & After: Renovating an athletic training room.

November 2016

November 2016: Volume XXVI, No. 8

1Testing in Progress: Sports medicine combine collects athletes' baseline data.

2Back on the Mat: Helping a college wrestler get back to competition after a stroke.

3Surf’s Up: Training for surfing.

4In the Fast Lane: A roundtable discussion on speed and agility.

5Group Effort: A Minnesota high school focuses on nutrition for athletes.

October 2016

October 2016: Volume XXVI, No. 7

1Looking to Score: Florida Gulf Coast University brings PRP to campus.

2Swing for the Fences: Offseason strength and conditioning for Texas A&M University baseball.

3What’s Next?: Physically preparing high school athletes for success in college.

4Down the Line: Graduating Dartmouth College football players compete in postseason weight loss challenge.

5All Ears: Utilizing all available resources for professional growth.

September 2016

September 2016: Volume XXVI, No. 6

1Scoring Opportunity: Partnership between Baylor University and Fort Hood Army base.

2Closing the Gap: Nutrition for when athletes switch positions, change sports, or suffer an injury.

3Run the Numbers: Integrating sports science at the high school level.

4Out Ahead: Quinnipiac University men’s ice hockey preseason strength and conditioning.

5Digital Diagnosis: Using telemedicine to evaluate head injuries.